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AFTsys Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH

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It started with the motor car, which was invented over a century ago. For more than a billion people worldwide the car is more than a means of transport: it is also a symbol of maximum safety in transportation. We, the team at AFTsys automotive engineering, have made the implementation of transport safety our core expertise through our years of intensive joint work with leading vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. Long-term thinking, technical expertise and personal commitment have characterised our company from the very beginning.

We want to take action today to make the future safer. Our zest for action, inventiveness and joy in progress has always pushed us onwards. The core of our business has always been to accompany the client from the consultation stage, through preparation to the implementation of safety measures. The main focus is always on jointly developing custom solutions to the client’s satisfaction.

We set standards, We offer extensive expert knowledge, Our pro-active approach wins over clients

General principles

Client Comprehensive, flexible, punctual, synergetic. We want to make our knowledge and our expertise useful to our clients. That means getting to know the client’s expectations and regarding him as a significant input. Esteem and discretion form the basis for our mutual trust as partners.

Quality-oriented Ambitious, well-grounded, fit to pass vehicle inspection, safety. We deliver on what we promise and that’s how we want to be judged! It’s always been our instinct to set ourselves the highest quality standards. And we are under the constant obligation to implement these standards in practice.
Workforce Active, fresh, talented, friendly Leading a company means more than being an onlooker. We see it as our responsibility to actively strive to create a secure, professional and comfortable working environment for all. In the knowledge that employees are the most valuable resource a company has, we set challenges to our staff and support them.
Future Authentic, progressive, dynamic, systematic. Thinking is good, thinking ahead is even better. Commitment today is the incentive to create profit for tomorrow. We always look ahead to the long-term and not just to short-term successes.
Price Attractive, fair, transparent, making a mark We work in the financial interests of both sides and apply the finances entrusted to us with responsibility. Our sensitive handling of resources, high effectiveness, and efficiency mean we are in a constant state of readiness to adapt to changing market forces.